I never stopped loving you. I didn’t have patience. I still kinda don’t. Not for reckless behavior that will jeopardize my future. Show me your cards and I’ll show you mine. Future relationships won’t work if they’re not with you. I found someone to trust.

That someone is you.

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I cannot deal with unstableness. That is one thing that will send me running for the hills for sure. How dare you break up with me on numerous occasions and then say that “I’m not fighting for you” “I’m a good woman” “you’re blind”. Smh.

I know you’re a good woman. And I know I messed up but how many times can you break up with someone before they finally accept the facts?

I’ve always gone off of what ppl say. You go off of actions. We’re two totally different ppl and I’m not gonna apologize for that. I’m flawed.

sigh fml im single been tht way for a while I can't


Tired of Falling for girls with dark clouds engulfing their souls. I’m like those storm chasers hoping I catch something amazing. Something in me tells me to care when no one else does. Fortunately, even dark water can still turn the mill. But in the end it only gives me the power to walk away.

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